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Maega Architect

The Original Architect Standard

Maega SiteBuilder

Architect Standard

Our tried and true HTML5 site builder

Architect Standard is our original site builder. Architect is geared more towards fine tune design and those with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. It features an element inspector and uses common HTML/CSS terminology throughout the interface. Architect is best if you know what exactly how you want your site to look and want to build it ground-up.

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Maega SiteBuilder

Architect SiteBuilder

Our brand new "block" based HTML5 site builder

Architect SiteBuilder is our new, user focused site builder. If you've never delved into the world of HTML/CSS, this is your builder. Simply drag and drop elements from the sidebar into the designer to create your site, then edit text and images as desired and publish. SiteBuilder is best if you want a good looking site in minutes without the hassle.

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